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StrollingWolf C/C++ Comments Remover v1.5

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StrollingWolf C/C++ Comments Remover v1.5
踱步狼C/C++注释清理 v 1.5
Download1: (96.8 kb)
Download2:    (password:hnfj)

StrollingWolf, A super-easy-to-use code comment remove tool
1.Support to remove C class language's comments.e.g. c,cpp, h,hpp,cxx,c#,css,js,java,php and so on.
1.移除C类语言源码中的注释,支持诸如:*.c, *.cpp, *.h, *.hpp, *.cxx, *.cs, *.js, *.java, *.php

2. Support customize file extensions to be cleaned, this rule only be applied when batch remove happen on  folder.

3. Support utf8,ansi,gb2312,gb18030,gbk, and any chinese codepage

4. Support xp, win7+ x32/64 windows OS
4.支持xp, win7及以上windows 32/64系统.

5. Support sigle line comment //....
5.支持单行注释 //

6. Support break line comment //....\\
6.支持续行注释 //....\\

7. Support block comment /**/
7.支持块注释 /**/

8. Support #if 0 and nest comment
8.支持#if 0及嵌套注释

9. Support single file/folder

10.Support multi files/multi folders batch clean

11.Support Context Menu or Mouse Drag-drop operate

12.Support <!-- --> block comment.

13.Support command line
StrollingWolf.exe   c:/your_proj_path/
StrollingWolf.exe   c:/your_file.cpp

Next, we may will develop a similar tools for Linux.

2020.09.30 We update algorithm on server,  add some function:
1. Support <!--  --> block  comment clean  for any file.
Everyone  don't need update client. This is benefited from c/s  software model.  Enjoy It!
Small hand slight shaking,Comments all gone.

Our product:
Php 5.6.39 + Nginx 1.21.3 + MySql 5.7.29 + Chroot, 开箱即用, 适用libc 2.6 及以上Linux x64


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